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    Town Realty is a real estate brokerage firm servicing the Greater Charlottesville area focusing on residential, commercial and estate properties. Ranked as the "Most Exciting Place in Virginia" by Motovo Real Estate, one of the "Top 5 Destinations Every American Should Visit" by Orbitz Worldwide and the "Best College Town in America" by Traveler's Today, Charlottesville is in a class of its own. This small town is located in the heart of Albemarle County, Virginia - a region that is known for its scenic beauty. The Blue Ridge Mountains surround miles of wide-open countryside throughout the county, and Rivanna River only enhances the vistas. Walking trails are abundant throughout the region, as are parks and other natural areas to enjoy. In fact, with all of its splendor, Charlottesville was also named as one of "America's Favorite Mountain Towns" by Travel + Leisure Magazine. Read More