A (Busy) Day In The Life Of A Top Producing Realtor (COVID19)

Good morning, this is Ashley Jurney, and today we’re doing a little different type of video, more blog style of a day in the life of a realtor. And I’m excited you guys will be joining me today. So let’s get started.

I’m meeting an investor between 10 and 12, and we’re gonna go look at like four properties. I can’t wait for you guys to come along. And I have to jump on a call, finish my makeup, and then get ready to leave by 9:45 to meet this investor at 10. My assistant, Brittany, is coming with me. As a realtor, I typically work from like, when I wake up to when I go to bed. I’ll show you guys my calendar, and my day. I try to fill up my calendar as best I can with things I need to do. Everything in blue is like block scheduling technique and then everything in red, are appointments with clients.

Today, as you can see, I started my day off with some administrative work, phone calls, texts, emails, it’s making sure all my closings are closing. And then as you can see I have a call at nine and then I’m going to look at investment properties with my assistant and my investor between 10 and 12. And then I have a home inspection at 12:30.

So it’s about 12:12, I’m on the way to a home inspection right now. And my handy dandy executive assistant, Brittany, is with me. She came with me from 10 to 12 to meet with the investor and look at the houses and she helped me take notes and take photos, so that was really helpful to have her there. And then after that we stopped by Starbucks super quick to get some coffee so we can get through the rest of our day. And now we’re on our way to Lake Monticello for a home inspection for a family that I’m working with.

We’re leaving the home inspection now, it’s about 1:50. I have to get back to the office for a 3:00 PM video conference with the Zillow guy. The home inspection went really well. The roof is original and one of the beams and the crawl space needs to be replaced, but overall it was a super great home inspection and my buyer still wants to buy the house, so that’s always good. Okay. Just go back home. Wanted to make a quick little snack for me, Noah, and Brittany. So just so you can see it’s really healthy, like hummus, carrots, cucumbers, celery, strawberries, just something quick and easy.

It’s about 2:38, and so I don’t have much time to eat only about 20 minutes before my three o’clock video conference call with the Zillow guy. So just wanted to check in with you guys, show you what I’m eating, and I’ll catch up with you later.

Let’s see it’s 6:35, I’m about, well, one of my sellers called me right when I got home and she’s been getting her home ready for the market the last couple months and with everything with the COVID-19 and stuff like that, it’s really slowed her down, and I think she had a lot of prep work to do so she just called me and told me that she’s really motivated, she’s getting cleaners in there this week and wants to do photography on Friday, so we scheduled an appointment for me to go out on Monday and then the photography and videography on Friday.

So I’m really excited about that, and I’m really excited to get that on the market ASAP because inventory in my area is so low, so I know it’s going to sell fast and it’s in like the Zion Crossroads, Detroit area, that’s really highly desired area, and so I’m excited to get that to market. Because I know some realtors don’t have any business right now, so I’m very excited to have all this business and be working with so many families to help them find a home.