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CAAR Market Report 2020 First Quarter

If you wanted to know how the Charlottesville, Virginia housing market is doing during a pandemic then look no further than the CAAR Market Report for the first quarter of 2020. I go over the highlights that you want to know; what home inventory looks like, what homes are selling for and what mortgage interest…

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The Crozet Connector Trail

The roads through and around Crozet are well maintained and provide a great, public platform to get from Point A to Point B, but what if there was a more scenic way to get around? Luckily, there is. The Crozet Trails are a network of manmade trails that allow Crozet’s residents to get around –…

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Mint Springs Valley Park | Crozet

Mint Springs Park Crozet

An all-seasons escape right inside Crozet, Mint Springs Valley Park is a true gem of Albemarle County, VA. This park is spread over 520 scenic acres near the base of Buck Elbow Mountain and is filled with both man-made and natural amenities to entice visitors of all ages. Native trees – including maple, poplar and…

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Beaver Creek Reservoir Park | Crozet, VA

  Located just off Brown’s Gap Turnpike in Crozet, approximately 15 minutes from Charlottesville, is a quiet waterside park known as Beaver Creek Reservoir. This park was established in 1964 to supply drinking water for Crozet, a function that remains in use today, yet it is so much more than just a reservoir. Beaver Creek…

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Piedmont Place Crozet

Bringing a whole new level of charm to Crozet, quite literally, Piedmont Place is a new development right in the heart of Downtown. The building is situated right across the street from Crozet’s library and boasts one of the highest elevations in the town, which provides unmatched views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. In its…

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