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Strange Virginia Laws You Probably didn’t Know About

Strange Virginia Laws You Probably didn't Know About

Did you know that it is illegal to tickle women in Virginia? Stay tuned for more strange laws in Virginia that you probably didn’t know about.  Hi! My name is Ashley Palmer and I’m a realtor here in Charlottesville, Virginia and on this channel, I talk about everything you need to know about moving…

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Virginia – Things They Don’t Tell You About

Virginia - Things They Don't Tell You About

Anyone who grew up in Virginia (like me) probably remembers the state history and geography classes that taught them a thing or two about “Old Dominion” — there are a ridiculous number of presidents who called Virginia home and there’s a famous fried egg in a cavern. If you’ve ever called Virginia home, you certainly…

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How To Save Money On A Mortgage

Want to save money on your mortgage? Well that’s what we are talking about today! Light, Camera, Action! Hello everyone, thanks for checking out this video about how to save money on a mortgage. My name is Ashley Jurney and I am a realtor with Town Realty in Charlottesville Virginia and Im also here with…

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