Charlottesville SPCA

Adopting a pet can be very rewarding. A dog or cat can offer companionship, love and the attention we need during hard times. Adopting an animal also help save an animal’s life. It’s really a win win! Continue watching to see the many ways that the CSPCA helps save lives.
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The Charlottesville American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has a vision to put ‘healthy animals in caring homes’. Their mission is to work with cats and dogs to provide treatment, shelter and medical care and they aim to educate people so that when someone adopts they adopt for life. They offer many services including pet therapy, camp, pet cremation, licensing, spay/neutering, pet food pantry and many more. They also help with lost and found pets! The CSPCA also works with people who want to foster animals. This helps provide a safe home for the dog or cat as well as free up space at the shelter. If you love pets and want to provide support, there’s also the option of volunteering at the CSPCA. They have also created several adoption options including seniors for seniors adoption, free adoptions for veterans and working cats where less sociable cats can be adopted to work as plant nursery workers, warehouses, farms and brewery’s! If you think you’ve lost a pet there is also the lost and found pets where you can file a lost dog or cat or search their site for a lost animal. The CSPCA also hosts events throughout the year to encourage folks to research the many opportunities at the shelter and donate. If you are looking to donate there are several ways to do so including donating stock or mutual funds, Adopt-A-Kennel, legacy gift, contributing to their wish list and many more! To visit the website click on the link in the description. And of course stop on into the CSPCA on 29 north to visit the cats and dogs looking for a forever home.

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