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Gary Palmer

Founder & Realtor

Gary Palmer is the Founder and CEO of Town and currently resides in the city of Charlottesville, Virginia. He graduated from James Madison University in 2006 with a degree in Political Science and a minor in Philosophy. He enjoys playing all types of sports and traveling. Gary’s favorite part about his profession is helping people in tough situations figure out a solution to their problem. He takes pride in being able to offer people real and competent advice when it comes to the real estate process. His background as Co-founder of Integrity Home Contracting and as a local real estate investor gives him a unique perspective on the buying and selling process. As a consultant, Gary spent years advising clients on complex remodeling and home improvement projects. He is eager to share this background - along with his experience as a local real estate investor - with customers. He has personally acquired residential homes, townhouses, condominiums and commercial properties throughout the Charlottesville area. Gary is committed to making Town Realty the premier real estate brokerage firm in central Virginia by offering more value than any other firm.

Past Experience:

  • Acquired real estate license at the age of 18
  • Branch Manager at College Works Painting – 2005 
  • District Manager at College Works Painting – 2006
  • Co-founder of Integrity Home Contracting – 2006- 2014
  • Active real estate investor from – 2007- present
  • Co-founder of Angel Dreamers – 2007-  present
  • Co-founder of Integrity Home Buyers – 2007- present
  • Successfully sold Integrity Home Contracting in 2014
  • Director of Sales/Realtor at Access Properties – 2014 
  • Founder and CEO of Home Keys – present
  • Founder and CEO of Town  – present
debra palmer

Debra Palmer


Debbie Palmer is mother of three sons, Gary Palmer- founder and CEO of Town Realty LLC as well as Cody and Brad Palmer.Debbie lives on a small farm with her husband Lucky and 3 rescue dogs in rural northern Halifax County.She has a strong compassion for animals and is a member of the Halifax county dog squad who help rehome and foster abused and neglected dogs. Her other hobbies include refinishing furniture and decorating. Afterserving as a top producing agent for years in the Halifax and South Boston VA, Debbie and her husband who is also a Realtor decided to open their own firm. They went from the well-known "Spouses that sell Houses" to Palmer Properties of VA. This frim currently serves Halifax, South Boston, Mecklenburg, Charlotte and Pittsylvania Counties and specializes in residential, commercial, farm sales and property management.PPOVA has been awarded the area's Best of Best designation for the last 6 years!

Related Experience:

  • Currently oversees 11 Realtors with PPOVA
  • Member of her local Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of the Southern Land and Lake Association of Realtors
  • Member of Charlottesville Area Association of Realtor
  • Member if VAR and NAR
  • Broker of PPOVA in 2006 and Town in 2015
johan torres

Johan Torres


Johan Torres is one of the real estate agents of Town and currently resides in the city of Charlottesville, Virginia. He is married with two children. He believes that family is a priority and should always come first. He enjoys playing different sports, especially Soccer and Baseball. He also plays the Guitar and the Cuatro (original 4 string instrument from Venezuela). Johan received his accounting degree in Venezuela in 2002 and moved to the United States in 2003 because of all the political and economic problems in his native country. Once in Charlottesville, he worked as a manager for a Restaurant for few years, then he worked as a production manager for a candle factory. In 2010 he started his own business (GBS Financial Services, LLC) doing bookkeeping and Payroll for small businesses in the area and has been doing that since. His accounting background gives him a unique perspective on the financial side of buying and selling. Johan has personally acquired residential homes throughout the Charlottesville area. He is eager to share his unique background with his customers and committed to making your real estate experience with Town unique.

Past Experience:

  • Accounting Degree – 2002
  • Audit for a Tire Factory – 2002- 2003
  • Restaurant Manager – 2003- 2006
  • Candle Factory Production Manager – 2006 - 2010
  • Owner GBS Financial Services, LLC – 2010 - present
  • Real Estate Agent for Town – present