Flip Your Home-Upgrade the Right Way & Get Top Dollar

flip your home

Traditional Hanover Door Kitchen
Windsor Forest Remodel

Some Seller’s in Charlottesville struggle on how to prepare their home for the real estate market. Questions arise about painting, repairs, appliances, staging, and much more. It’s often difficult to assess the cost benefit analysis of each project and whether it’s worth the money. Flip My Home will simplify the home preparation process by bringing local resources together with a common objective.  At Town Realty we have the experience and connections to devise a pre-market strategy that incorporates vital home improvements along with traditional preparation techniques.

Let our Realtor’s guide you through the process of strategically selecting improvements and enhancements that will delight buyers. Town Realty has access to local contractors, painters, handymen, decorators, designers, stagers and more all throughout Albemarle County.  After your pre-market strategy is devised you can relax and let your local property brothers go to work on selling your home.