Getting Your Home Ready To Sell

Getting your home ready to sell
After making the final decision to sell your home and pick out your trusty realtor to help you along the process, now it’s time to figure out HOW to get your home ready to sell. Here’s What You Should Know…lights, Camera, Action!

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Now that you have decided to put your home on the market, what do you need to do to get it ready to sell? And sell fast! Grab a pen and paper and take some notes. First let’s talk about repairs. You’ll want to make sure that you do a quick tour of your home and jot down any repairs that may need to be completed. This could be as simple as changing out light bulbs, re-caulking cracks or as big as broken windows or faulted thermal pane seals. Home inspections may require these items to be completed anyway. This could also help with easier negotiations during the home inspection period.

Next we need to purge the home of any extra items we may have. This is super helpful when you’ll go to box everything up for the move as well. This is the perfect time to get rid of that extra toaster, out dated clothes, old children’s toys or unused sports equipment. The more you can purge now, the less you have to box up later.

While you are going through items to purge think about decluttering. When prospective buyers walk through your house, they want to envision the home as if it is theirs, where they would put their furniture, their family photos and their stuff. It’s harder to envision these things if there is clutter laying around. We suggest taking everything off bathroom counters except essentials, removing your family photos or pictures or yourself, clear nightstands, coffee tables and refrigerators, remove extra kitchen items like blenders that you only use every once in a while and put away all shoes and jackets. Don’t forget to declutter your pet areas children’s play area as well. An important thing to note is that all pets should be out of the house during any showings. After you complete your decluttering and are ready to list then consider getting your home professionally cleaned. Your agent may have a suggestion to a good house cleaner.

Now’s a great time to get any necessary paperwork in order. Any home warranty documents, surveys or plats, utility bills, tax bills or invoices for past renovation work. Lenders will also need any mortgage paperwork. If you’re really organized you can make a list of all the renovations and what year they were made so the prospective buyers can have a quick look at the improvements.

Next you can talk with your agent about what the next steps. Some agents will offer services like photography and marketing. They will also be able to provide a CMA and discuss the best listing price. Have your agent take a walk through of the home before listing to see if they can provide any last minute staging ideas or touch ups. Talk to your agent about how you want to conduct the showings; what are the best times, how you would like to communicate with your agent about showings whether it’s email, text or phone call and how much notice do you want before a showing.

The hard work is over once the home is listed as active on the MLS! Just remember to keep your home tidy for showings. When the offers come in look them over thoroughly.

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