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The Ultimate Crozet Home Search

Welcome to Town, where we strive to make the search for your new abode as quick and easy as possible. Our website has been carefully constructed to allow you to wade through the available homes for sale in Crozet in the simplest format possible. Simply choose the filter that best applies to your needs, whether that be a certain price range, a specific elementary school, a favorite neighborhood or even amenities you are hoping for, such as gorgeous sunset views or properties with pools. Each category can be further narrowed to search for homes that meet your specific needs bedroom- and bathroom-wise. All of the houses for sale in Crozet in your chosen category can be viewed on the interactive map at the top of the page. Each listing is numbered for convenience, and a thumbnail description of the property pops up upon clicking its assigned number on the map. Not sure what you are looking for just yet? Have no fear - there are great real estate opportunities all throughout Crozet.

New Construction for Sale in Crozet, VA

One especially popular sector of Crozet real estate is new construction. In fact, with the amount of incoming residents - undoubtedly due to the town’s charm, premier location and gorgeous views over the Blue Ridge Mountains - new homes are being built in Crozet every day. There are over 12 new construction neighborhoods in Crozet, each as unique as the properties and the residents within them. From small, tight-knit neighborhoods to larger subdivisions with amazing amenities, there is something for everyone. In Crozet, look for new construction properties in developments such as Old Trail, Old Trail Village, Grayrock West, Stillhouse Ridge, Foothill Crossing, Haden Place, Chesterfield Landing, Westlake at Foothill Crossing, Foxchase, Handley Farm Estates and Mountain Harvest Farm, amongst other subdivisions.

Many of the subdivisions in Crozet are created by one specific builder; however, some feature a collaboration between two or more builders, which lends itself to a more eclectic aesthetic. Peruse homes by popular local builders including Stanley Martin Homes, Craig Builders, Ryan Homes, Lambert and Lane, Evergreen Builders, Arcadia Builders Inc., Bramante Homes, Skyline Home Builders, and other contributing builders based out of Crozet, Charlottesville and surrounding cities.

With big-name construction companies contributing to the developments, the quality of the new construction homes in Crozet is impeccable. These houses range in size from around 1,800 square feet all of the way up to nearly 5,000 square feet, giving buyers a fantastic range to choose from. Bedrooms, bathrooms, floor plans and even the overall construction style of the homes vary greatly, as well. In some communities, the builders select a few popular home styles for buyers to choose from, whereas other neighborhoods offer more freedom of design. Some of the home builders in Crozet even offer custom homes built exactly to the buyer’s preferences. On average, those looking at homes in one of Crozet’s new construction communities can expect to spend anywhere from $300,000 to nearly $1 million.

Buying New Construction in Crozet

For those that are looking at buying a new construction property in Crozet, the first step is reaching out to a Town Realtor to help guide you along the way. Our experience working with developers and knowledge of the Crozet region puts you at an advantage. Next, finding a development that suits your needs and will continue to suit your needs in 5, 10 years is of utmost importance. Look at things such as the school district, the amenities that are currently available and will be available in the future, the number of homesites in the subdivision, etc. Further, make sure that the contributing builder is one whose work you enjoy and respect. Do not be afraid to ask your Town Realtor to help with references for the builder or to do some background research of your own. Once you find a subdivision that will work for46 you and a builder that you work well with, your agent will help you negotiate the terms of your contract - everything from the price of the home to the finishes, upgrades, timeline and warranties. The builder may offer the services of his preferred title company and lenders, but you are not obligated to use his selections, in most cases.

Here is where new construction differs from standard home purchases: Once you obtain financing, get the title work or abstract completed and have the closing, you are not finished. With new construction, there will be walk-throughs to complete, which your Town agent will help you with, and inspections to be made along the way. It is not until the final inspections and payouts have been made and you have your second closing switching your loan from a construction loan to permanent financing that the process comes to a close - a process that is made much easier with an experienced Town agent on your side.

Crozet Homes & Communities- Price Overview

While new construction is booming in Crozet, there are plenty of established homes and established communities to choose from, as well. These homes range greatly in price, and buyers can even find some smaller houses for under $200,000 without sacrificing the views, beauty and atmosphere that make Crozet so enticing. Those looking in the under $200,000 price range can find homes in neighborhoods such as Orchard Acres and Brookwood. As previously mentioned, the median sales price for homes for sale in Crozet, VA is in the low to mid $300,000s, and as such, there are plenty of options both in subdivisions, such as West Hall, Old Trail and Sunrise Acres, and outside of neighborhood boundaries. Buyers also have the option of single-family homes, townhouses, and condominiums at this price point. From here, the options only get more lavish. Homes with 2,000-plus square feet, fantastic upgrades and amenities, generous amounts of land and more are all common at the $400,000 or more price range. You can get into subdivisions such as The Village at Highlands, Miran Forest and Grayrock, amongst others for $400,000; however, a budget of between $600,000 and $700,000 will get you into almost any new construction subdivision you desire. If it is grandeur you are looking for, there are also luxury homes and real estate in Crozet in the $1-$12million price range.

Purchasing an Existing Homesite- Crozet Resales

Buying a home that is already completed is a simpler process, but still one that is made easier with representation by a Town real estate agent. This process begins much the same way as a new construction home search, with research. Explore neighborhoods, elementary school districts (Brownsville or Crozet) and what style of house is best for your needs. Next, sign with a Town real estate agent. Many buyers do not know this is a free service, as the buyer’s agent’s commission is paid by the seller! It is a good idea to get pre-approved for a loan prior to actively beginning your home search so you are fully aware of what kind of budget you are looking at. There is a Bank of America right within Crozet, if you prefer to work with a loan officer in town, or there are many great local and national lending institutions to choose from in Charlottesville. Your Town agent will help you with finding respectable bankers and the best rates possible. During your active home search process, your Realtor will tap into his extensive database and be in contact with other agents to find your perfect home. Once you find something that marks off most of the boxes on your wish list, it is all technicalities. While not required for your loan, typically, it is also a good idea to have an inspection done to make sure what you are seeing is actually what you are buying and that there are no hidden problems lurking beneath the surface.

Vacant Land and Lots in Crozet

Want to start completely from scratch? There is plenty vacant land and lots for sale in Crozet. Land overlooking the spectacular Blue Ridge Mountains, land nestled amongst the towering trees of Albemarle County and land that not only puts buyers at peace but also puts them near all of the great things Crozet has to offer. The prices vary greatly, as do the sizes of the lots. These pieces of land are situated outside subdivisions, in most cases, and allow buyers to own a true piece of nature. Some of the smallest tracts for sale are just over 1 acre in size, though it is not uncommon to see multiple-acre, even up to nearly 100-acre, homesites. If you are looking a vacant lot within a subdivision for further development, these are also available, only they are much smaller in size, typically. On average, subdivision lots tend to stay around the 1/4- to 3/4-acre mark.

Buying Crozet Land for Development

Perhaps the most unique real estate transaction is purchasing land. Sure, it is much the same in that you must research the area, ensure it is near the things you enjoy, etc., but there is much more to consider. Again, this is a process in which a Town real estate agent is an invaluable resource for information, advice and recommendations. The first thing to consider upon finding your ideal slice of the Virginia countryside is the access to the land. Do you have immediate road access, or is the land reached by driving through someone else’s property? If it is the latter, it is important to know who maintains the road and if you have any responsibility to pay for or provide maintenance. If you have immediate access from a Crozet roadway, even better. Next, you must know if there are utility (water, sewer, power) lines connected to the property, or if you will have to put them in when you are ready to develop the land. Another important factor is if there are any restrictions on the land usage. For example, if you are hoping to build a farm, but the land is not zoned for farm usage, that is not going to work in the long run. Also, ask your Town agent if the mineral and timber rights transfer with the property. Virginia, and even Albemarle County, has a long history with coal, coal methane gas and timber, and it is essential to make sure you have full ownership of these rights. Finally, if all of the abovementioned items check out to your liking and you are ready to sign the dotted line, get a survey of the property if a recent one by a reputable company is not available. A property’s vague legal description is not good enough; you need to know exactly where the boundary lines are when it comes to buying land. There are a number of surveyors to choose from in Charlottesville, and your Town agent will know which ones have the best reputation for speedy, accurate work. With a survey in hand, your real estate title company will be able to form a 100 percent precise legal description on your title work or abstract, one that will set you up for success in your current purchase and in future development.

When it comes to Crozet homes for sale, there is one common denominator: Town real estate agents. We are here to help you find the home, construction site or land of your dreams with the least amount of hassle. The all-American, ever-changing town of Crozet has something to offer everyone; let us help find what that “something” is for you.

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Crozet New Mover Info

In 2004 the Albemarle County Supervisors put in motion the Master Plan for Crozet, VA (plan updated in 2010). The Crozet master plan designates Crozet as a growth area because of its desirability and proximity to all the conveniences of Charlottesville and Waynesboro. There are many new movers relocating from Charlottesville for a more peaceful and serene lifestyle Crozet has to offer, but many of our home buyers are coming from all over including Maryland, New Jersey, Washington DC, Northern Va, North Carolina, and West Virginia to name a few. Many new movers to Crozet are working from home or are relocating to work at some of the top employers in Charlottesville including NGIC (National Ground Intelligence Center), University of Virginia, University of Virginia Hospital/Medical Center, Martha Jefferson Hospital (now Sentara Medical), County of Albemarle, City of Charlottesville, UVA Health Services Foundation, State Farm, US Department of Defense, Fluvanna County Schools, Walmart, and Northrop Grumman. With its close proximity to Waynesboro, VA, new movers to Crozet may also be working at top employers in Waynesboro including: Private Limited Company (Invista), Waynesboro Schools, City of Waynesboro, Ntelos Inc, Edecco, or Mohawak ESV. Additionally Crozet is very close to Nelson County and employers there such as Wintergreen Resorts (25 minutes away), Devils Backbone Brewery, Nelson County Schools, and the very popular Veritas Vineyards. Crozet movers will be happy to know that Town hired the best local photographers and writers residing in Crozet to give new home searchers a peek into Crozet real estate and lifestyles. Crozet new movers can explore pages related to commercial development, local parks, hiking trails, things to do, wineries, breweries, popular restaurants, local hot spots, and schools (private and public). Those interested in the Crozet area can also find their dream home in some of our unique lifestyle pages such as Walk, Hike, Bike- Sidewalks and Sunsets- Epic Mountain Views- Homes Near Crozet Park- So Much To Do, and Lakes Alive. If you are thinking of moving to the area, but not sure where to start, we want to show you first hand, what makes Crozet so special. Reach out to us via text, chat, phone, or through any of our contact forms for a concierge tour of Crozet and Western Albemarle.