How To Update A Kitchen Without Renovating

Updating a kitchen doesn’t have to be a huge, time consuming, money hogging, stress conducing project. There are easy ways to update a kitchen without breaking the bank or driving you crazy.

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If you just want to change a few things without complete makeover try switching out the hardware!
If you’re already taking off the hardware and want a little more then small changes then try painting the cabinets. Maybe try switching out the faucet too!

Now once you’ve changed the hardware and painted the cabinets, try adding new lighting underneath the cabinets. It will provide more light for cooking or ambiance for when you just want to chill.

If you don’t have a lot of cabinet spaces or if you have some empty walls think about adding some open shelving. Organize your spices in glass bottles, display nice holiday plates or get some decorative baskets and store food items.

Crown molding at the top of cabinets can add the slight change that they need to make a unique look especially to stock cabinets.
Been saving up for a big change? Time to splurge on some new appliances. You don’t have to buy them all at once but rather in small doses, a new refrigerator in one paycheck and a new dishwasher in the next.

With new cabinets, new hardware, updated appliances now adjust your color scheme. A new coat of paint can change the whole look and feel of a kitchen. It can brighten up the dark corners or create a whole new mood.
Once your color scheme is changed then you can think about adding backspash!

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