Jobs In Charlottesville

Jobs In Charlottesville

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The people of Charlottesville say its the biggest small city. The people all seem to know each other but the city has all the charm of a bigger city like lots of things to do, transportation, sports, attractions and diverse group of people. People often desire to move here for the mountain views and lifestyle. But where do those people get jobs?

The largest employers in Charlottesville include the University of Virginia Medical Center, the City of Charlottesville, UVA Health Serves Foundation, Charlottesville City School Board, Aramark Campus LLC & RMC Events.
Other companies worth mentioning are NGIC, Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital, the city or Albemarle school systems, APEX Clean Energy, and VDOT.

More tech companies have taken an interest to Charlottesville so we could see more in the future. Some of the current companies include Willow Tree, SAIC, ChartIQ, Griffin Group Global (TIE) and CCRi. This is very enticing for college graduates with software engineering degrees.

With an estimated 47,266 people living in the city limits, where do all these people live?
Charlottesville also has a multitude of restaurants and places to eat. Charlottesville ranks 14th on a Huffington Post list of the 15 cities with the most restaurants per capita.

If you’re looking for a job in the city then these are some of the things you may be thinking about when deciding to move to our mountainous landscape.

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