Mission Statement

“Our mission is to be the most trusted real estate brokerage firm in central Virginia. To provide real value and exceed the expectations of the client’s we serve.  To always hold ourselves to the highest ethical standard to maintain our reputation of integrity.”




Our goal is to operate with integrity in everything we do. In application, it encompasses being professional, honest and transparent in all dealings with others.


Results Matter

We are a results focused organization that delivers to the clients we serve. Delivering results drives us to set the bar higher and exceed our client’s expectations.



We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with clients we serve. Establishing this relationship is crucial to achieving the objective and creating raving fans.


Simply Being The Best

We believe striving to be the best is critical in fostering the mentality needed to service our clients. This standard of excellence drives us to serve our clients every day.

Gary Palmer is the Owner and Principal Broker of Town Realty and resides in the city of Charlottesville Virginia. He graduated from James Madison University with a degree in Political Science and Philosophy. His background as Co-Founder of Integrity Home Contracting and as a local real estate investor provides him with a unique perspective with the buying and selling process.  As a consultant, he spent years advising clients on complex remodeling and renovation projects.  He has personally acquired residential homes, townhouses, condominiums, land and commercial real estate throughout Albemarle County.

The favorite part about his profession is helping clients in tough situations figure out solutions. Gary takes pride in offering real and competent advice to his clients while providing excellent service. He is eager to share his background and experience with the people of central Virginia.  Gary is committed to making Town Realty the premier real estate brokerage firm in central Virginia.

Past Experience

  • Acquired real estate license at the age of 18
  • Branch Manager at National Services Group – 2005
  • District Manager at National Services Group – 2006
  • Co-Founder and General Manager of Integrity Home Contracting – 2006 – 2014
  • Co-Founder of Integrity Home Buyers and Angel Dreamers – 2007 - present
  • Successfully sold Integrity Home Contracting – 2014
  • Director of Sales at Access Properties – 2014
  • Owner & Principal Broker of Town Realty – 2015 - present