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Showcase Your Home


For those homes that are in less-than-perfect condition, have no fear. The days of listing your home on the market in hopes someone can see past the cosmetic flaws are no longer when using Town Realty.

Our company offers 3-D render design technology to enhance your home’s weaknesses. Let the unique design services you see on HGTV transform your outdated bathroom into a modern stunner.

This cutting-edge technology is unique to Town Realty, and the service is included with standard 6 percent commission rates for sales transactions. This is just one of many ways Town Realty provides more value to its clients and makes the process fun.

Let your local “Property Brothers” create a vision to help sell your home. This allows buyers to look beyond the outdated kitchen and see how gorgeous she could be with a little vision and elbow grease. 

With the aid of our 3D design service this older home went under contract in 4 days!

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