REALTOR Ashley Palmer Honored with CAAR 2021 Good Neighbor Award

Ashley’s been involved with Child Health Partnership, which is a program that works with low-income parents and their kids to help with children and family health, positive parenting, child development and family self-sufficiency.

She inspires donors who connect their gifts with her real-life example of the impact of their support. She also gives every year to the Child Health Partnership. In particular, she has sponsored the last few Imagine events. And she’s recently connected a great mental health resource with the organization.

One way or another, she’s been involved. She’s been very active on our board now for three years.

Realtors are leaders in the community. They make contributions to improving the quality of life for others. She will inspire donors to generate additional donations and inspire new volunteers to get involved locally, which ultimately makes where we live and serve a better place for everyone.

Child Health Partnership works with over 500 children a year. Her help has really been a boost of support. If you include other siblings and family members, it’s well over a thousand people a year that she’s helping.

Ashley, your story is inspiring and admirable. Town Realty is so proud of you and commends you for all your hard work. Congratulations, Ashley!

So, Ashley, congratulations so much on this award. I can’t think of anybody more deserving and we’re thrilled that you’re being honored this way. Thank you so much for your work with the Child Health Partnership and your commitment to local children and families. That really makes a difference and we’re very excited for you and really excited to have you as a partner.