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Albemarle County is a place where the splendor of yesteryear meets the convenience of modern living. Located centrally in Virginia's Piedmont, Albemarle is home to such attractions as Monticello, Ash Lawn-Highland, Montpelier, the University of Virginia and Michie Tavern, amongst others. The county's historic homes and vast estates from years past complement the ever-changing landscape.

Passing through Albemarle County, the rural scenery, which includes lush forests and distant mountain vistas, becomes more and more modern as you near the heart of Charlottesville. It is in Charlottesville that the culture of the area truly comes alive. This region is known for its thriving arts and entertainment scene and includes shopping options for every taste. A true highlight of Charlottesville is the 8-block stretch known as the Downtown Mall - an area for pedestrians only that boasts more than 120 shops, as well as eateries, outdoor gathering spaces and much more. Further out into the county, shoppers have access to Barracks Road Shopping Center, Seminole Square Shopping Center and Pantops Shopping Center. There are also farmers markets throughout Albemarle, though the largest is called City Market and is held in Charlottesville.

Because of the rural surroundings of Charlottesville, the dining scene in the region is simply impeccable. In fact, Southern Living online named the Charlottesville/Albemarle community as one of the "Top Ten Tastiest Towns in the South" in 2012. The ingredients are fresh, and many of the restaurants in the region use a farm-to-table approach. While the casual and fine-dining establishments throughout the county are delightful, some of the most treasured eateries are hidden on the backroads of Albemarle County. Orchards, country stores and even farm stands provide fresh produce, freshly harvested meats and more, while also offering some of the freshest, seasonal dishes you could imagine. Of course, the region is also known for its high number of wineries, vineyards and breweries and is home to the Monticello Wine Trail.

Those that wish to explore the natural wonder of Virginia are spoilt for options in Albemarle County. There are 13 parks in the county, and in all, these parks cover more than 3,700 acres of lush countryside. Picnics, biking and hiking are all popular land activities; in fact, there are approximately 62 miles of trails for the residents of Albemarle to enjoy. Further, just over 14,600 acres of Shenandoah National Park, with its scenic beauty and various activities, are found within the county lines.

With its mixture of activities, attractions and nature, it is easy to see why the Charlottesville/Albemarle County region was voted one of "America's Favorite Mountain Towns" by Travel + Leisure Magazine. The county boasts a low crime rate, low unemployment and a school system that includes both public and private options. There are just over 102,000 residents within Albemarle County, and this number grows steadily each and every year. The beauty and hometown feel this county provides are only enhanced by the low property tax rate and the fast-paced real estate market.

The real estate of Albemarle County, much like its residents, is quite diverse. Detached single-family homes dominate the market in much of the county; however, there are certain neighborhoods dedicated solely to condominiums and to attached, maintenance-free homes. Some of the areas known to have higher concentrations of these specialty properties include those around the university and those near Downtown Charlottesville. The average home price is highly dependent on the location of the community and the amenities the neighborhood presents. For example, those residences in the Rugby locality that are set near the college campus, UVA Hospital, The Corner, etc. tend to be at the higher end of the spectrum, while properties in the Barracks region typically fall in the middle of the price spectrum.

Moving through Albemarle, there are over 325 neighborhoods to choose from. Each neighborhood comes with its own particular flair, and the homes of each area are reflective of this. From the large, estate-like properties of the country to the historic homes on small lots closer to UVA, there is something for every buyer. Popular home styles vary throughout the county, and options such as Colonials, historic bungalows, ranchers, Cape Cods and new-construction gems give the market plenty of variety. This being said, even with the assortment of home types on the market, real estate in Albemarle County moves quickly. On average, homes in Albemarle are on the market for 100 days or less. Further, because of the idyllic environment this county possesses, residents tend to stay put. The homes listed for sale are often limited, but this presents no issue for the talented Realtors at Town and should cause no concern for you as the buyer.

When it comes to finding you your dream home, we at Town use a dynamic approach that is centered around proven processes and innovative tactics. Our technology-driven methodology gives buyers the best chance at finding exactly what they are looking for within Albemarle County. As the real estate market becomes more and more Internet-based, our Realtors have adapted to ensure the best and most streamlined process for buyers.

In the search to find your perfect residence, Town's Realty services go far beyond finding the ideal neighborhood and the perfect number of bathrooms. We provide a comprehensive analysis of the home’s financial indicators, including the home’s rental potential and information as to how remodeling projects can retain or improve your home’s value. Town's Realtors provide honest and informed statistics and numbers before you make your home purchase, and this ensures that any future costs related to the house are also within your budget.

Even if the perfect property is not available, our unique 3-D rendering services can transform a nice - or not-so-nice - house into your ideal home. Upon closing, Town works with designers to customize your new bathroom or kitchen project. The design work serves as the cornerstone for your vision and as the base for remodeling projects. In addition to helping you as the homeowner see the future of your home, this one-of-a-kind service helps contractors plan out their construction estimates. This offering, along with unrivaled professionalism and a dedication to going above and beyond for each client, is one of many ways Town Realty is changing the way real estate is purchased.