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Town Realty is pioneering a revolutionary way to sell homes in Charlottesville. In addition to comprehensive pricing and preparation strategies, Town's Realtors work systematically to ensure no part of the sales process is overlooked. Our goal is to provide sellers with the maximum sales price their home deserves while providing the best customer service in the industry. From listing to closing, your Town Realtor is with you through every turn.

Sellers often face challenges throughout a transaction, and many times, these issues begin during the listing process. One of the most common problems homeowners face is coming to a fair, yet agreeable, price tag for their homes. By using state-of-the-art processes and proven systems, Town's Realtors are able to analyze market statistics and make an informed decision as to the correct price for your home. This practice not only minimizes the time a home sits on the market, but it also ensures that sellers get the most bang for their buck.

No matter what shape your home is in, what neighborhood it is set in or what factors surround the sale of your house, Town's Realtors are there to get the maximum exposure in the shortest amount of time. It is common for other agents to utilize traditional methods for selling a home: listing on the MLS, open houses, etc. In today's world, that simply is not enough. The way buyers look for their new home has changed, and as such, Town Realty has developed bulletproof marketing methods that appeal to modern consumers.

We begin by launching a robust online marketing campaign to maximize your home's Web presence. Our staff is highly trained in modern technology and utilizes both newer methods - social media - as well as more traditional methods - the MLS - to draw in attention. Further, we implement local grassroots tactics to gain local exposure all throughout the Charlottesville community.

 After a steady decline in home prices, a high level of inventory and overall poor sales conditions in the past decade or so in Charlottesville, the real estate market is finally making a recovery. Because prices are rising on a quarterly basis, sellers are recouping over 95 percent of their original list price; this is a great benefit for those looking to sell their homes. Properties are moving quickly for qualified buyers, and the region's ever-growing amenities draw in potential purchasers from all over Albemarle County and beyond. Let these trends guide the sell of your home, and use the services of one of Town's Realty highly trained Realtors to maximize the potential of your sale.

Filbert Street

Make buyers' heads turn when they see your house come to life! Too often buyers find the right home in the right neighborhood but cannot see past the cosmetics. Our free design services can turn ugly into appealing and, more importantly, sold.

“We turn obsolete into beautifully functional! Our free design services change the way homes are sold by making houses more appealing to buyers, yielding higher sales prices and promising less time on the market.”

Stage your home with professionals to highlight your home’s features and mask its weaknesses. This is critical in preparing your home for the market and should be considered anytime you are selling.  It is no surprise staged homes sell faster and for more money than non-staged homes in CharlottesvilleEliminate the clutter and add décor to impress buyers. Our stagers can provide style and luxury to your home

McGaheysville Home
New French Country
Envision Commercial Drone Services

Showcase your home with a 360' interior and exterior video tour, majestic panoramic views, and breathtaking aerial photography! Encompass aerial views of your entire property and land. Tour the neighborhood and surrounding area, including the home’s proximity to amenities. Reveal what the drive home or the kids’ walk to school looks like.

Showpiece your entire property!

Craftsman with modern interior
Bathroom Remodel

If you need to sell your home but are not sure of which improvements or upgrades to do Flip My Home is the solution.  In Albemarle County to maximize your return and sell quickly doing the right improvements is the key to success.  Town Realty is revolutionizing the way sellers in the Charlottesville area prepare their homes for the market.

Town Realtors with the assistance of local contractors can assess your home’s condition and help pinpoint the right improvements that will maximize your bottom line while reducing your home’s time on the market. Town Realty has partnered with local contractors, designers, and decorators that understand the objective.  Town Realty facilitates the process by not only providing valuable insight but coordinating local resources to bring greater perspective to the home improvement project.

Pricing Strategy

Our 6-step pricing strategy not only utilizes traditional strategies, but it goes beyond the norm by incorporating advanced tactics to help sell your home. While thorough and lengthy, this process is essential to ensure that the listing price achieves maximum value for the homeowner and that the home is on the market for the least amount of time.

1. Comparative Market Analysis analyzes sold homes in your area.

2. Competitive Market Analysis investigates active listings in your area.

3. Competitive Home Analysis involves a site visit of a competing listing.

4. Home Data Collection process gathers property details from the MLS, GIS and RPR databases.

5. Home Needs Adjustment process analyzes your home’s repair and remodeling needs.

6. Final Market Analysis examines current micro and macro market trends.

Preparation Strategy

Our 6-step preparation strategy is performed prior to listing your home. This process gives you a competitive advantage that allows your property to stand out from the crowd. The preparation strategy requires collaboration and team work, and our Realtors walk you through each and every step.

1. Declutter your home and maximize space.

2. Reorganize your home to invite and delight buyers.

3. Depersonalize your home so that buyers can see it as their own.

4. Develop a “Honey Do List,” and make repairs to eliminate buyer concerns.

5. Discuss cleaning options to maximize value.

6. Talk about staging options to maximize value.