Strange Virginia Laws You Probably didn’t Know About

Strange Virginia Laws You Probably didn't Know About

Did you know that it is illegal to tickle women in Virginia? Stay tuned for more strange laws in Virginia that you probably didn’t know about.

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Now, let’s Get Started:

Strange Law 1: Virginian motorists cannot drive if they are not wearing shoes.

Strange law 2: Virginian motorists must honk their horns if they are attempting to pass another vehicle.

Strange Law 3: Police are not allowed to use speed radar detectors.

Strange Law 4: In Waynesboro, Virginia, it is illegal for a female motorist to drive her car along Main Street unless her husband is walking in front of the vehicle waving a red flag in his hands.

Strange Law 5: In Prince William County, Virginia, it is illegal for a motorist to park their vehicle on a set of railroad tracks.

Strange Law 6: In Virginia Beach, Virginia, it is illegal to drive by the same area within 30 minutes of Atlantic Avenue.

Now for a few laws that aren’t driving specific:

Strange Law 7: Children cannot trick-or-treat on Halloween.

Strange Law 8: In Richmond, Virginia, citizens cannot flip a coin in a dining establishment to see who gets to pay for coffee.

Strange Law 9: It is illegal to tickle women.

Strange Law 10: Virginians cannot hunt animals on Sundays, except for raccoons. Raccoons can be hunted until 2:00 a.m.

Strange Law 11: Virginians cannot spit on seagulls.

Strange Law 12: Virginian women are required by law to wear a corset after sunset if they are with a male chaperone.

Strange Law 13: It is illegal to curse at another person in town.

Strange Law 14: If a male fondles a woman’s bottom, he can be sent to jail for 60 days.

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