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Buying Land in Charlottesville Part 2

Buying land? Here’s what you should know. Lights, Camera, Action! Choosing the right land. Confused about what to look for when buying land to build on? You’ll need to find an area where zoning laws won’t keep you from buying the land for the investment property or home you want to build. Zoning rules set…

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5 Hot New Communities in Charlottesville

Hello I’m Ashley Jurney from Town Realty! Ever wonder how to search for communities near you but don’t know where to start? Today we are going to give you 5 hot new communities in Charlottesville and the facts that you want to know. Number 1 is Belmont Point. Very close to Belmont and downtown Charlottesville,…

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New Construction Questions and Answers

 Are you considering building or buying new construction? If so, you have likely figured out by now, that it is NOT the same as buying a home on the resale market. You are probably wondering.. where do you start? What happens if there is a dispute or change in terms? Do you work with…

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